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From the past to the present, O mai has come to the subconscious of Vietnamese people as a gift with bold cultural characteristics of Ha Thanh. O mai appeared in the sumptuous royal palace, located next to the tea cup in the recitation and recitation, and is also a childhood gift that looks in the burden of maternal grandmother's every afternoon in the market. The time when children have never been able to enjoy that special gift, eating once will remember the sweet and salty taste imbued in each fruit, every day.

To make this apricot dish, it is necessary to have apricot fruits of Bac Kan forest, Moc Chau plum forest ... salty white salt seeds sucking the East Sea with spicy chilli, warm taste of ginger in the plain, especially the table talented hands, the delicate feel of the artisans Bac Ngoc Linh combined with advanced equipment, modern technology.

Bac Ngoc Linh built an elite chain

Material area: Bac Ngoc Linh procures raw materials in mountainous areas of northern Vietnam. Fresh fruits of Bac Ngoc Linh purchased to meet the standards of freshness, green and clean. These are the products of the mountains and forests, planted and cared for in a clean environment, especially many raw material areas still achieve the VIETGAP certificate. Every year, Bac Ngoc Linh buys tons of fresh fruits, contributes to create jobs for ethnic minorities, participates in environmental protection, greening bare land.

Processing: Bac Ngoc Linh owns an industrial factory that can produce high quality, uniform quality products, meeting food hygiene and safety standards. Besides, the skillful and delicate hands of artisans will help traditional products retain the traditional flavor, ensuring 3 elements "Ngon - Lanh - Beautiful"

Distribution: Bac Ngoc Linh has a wide distribution system, with the service "Thoughtful - friendly" Bac Ngoc Linh distribution system is not only a selling place, we provide solutions to solve the problems Social math for customers

Customer care: A product only becomes elite when that product is enjoyed and felt by customers. Will the customers be the last to conclude that Bac Ngoc Linh product is worthy of the four words "Tinh hoa Vietnamese gift"? Bac Ngoc Linh always listens to needs, shares and wishes to co-create with customers, to improve and offer better products and services.

Bac Ngoc Linh gathers elite regional specialties

Being in the long-term development strategy, Bac Ngoc Linh will become a distributor of regional specialties across the country
Bac Ngoc Linh cooperates with suppliers to build a high quality management process, creating labels and packaging products, developing a brand cultural communication strategy ... thereby improving quality and value. of regional products

The distribution products in Bac Ngoc Linh ensure the following criteria: being a famous specialty of the Vietnamese region, meeting strict standards of product quality, having a certain brand name and receiving trust consumer.

International Essence products for Vietnamese people

Bac Ngoc Linh will distribute some products imported from abroad

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Farming room: Department of Insects and Nematodes - Plant Protection Institute

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